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Lost & Found

Have you lost or found a pet?

If you've lost a pet, fill out the form below to submit your listing here on our website. Your message will be checked by our team, then published on our website. If you have lost your cat you could also check on the lost and found section of the Dacorum Cats Protection website. 

Found Pets


Please keep an eye out for our cat. He was last seen Knightsbridge Way Hemel Hempstead. He is very friendly and a big softy. Doesn’t mind dogs as lives with one. If you see him or if he has started hanging around please message me he is chipped.

He is a short hair tabby with a long body and also has a very long tail. He is neutered and his vacations are all up to date. His name is PigPig.

We live in fakenham Norfolk and he sneaked into my partners van. He works for Affinity water around Hemel and has family there so that is how our cat ended up there.

My telephone number is 07766168253 which is the same as the details on his chip.

08/02/2021 - Missing Cat - Beau

Beau is a house cat and went missing on the morning of the 04/02/21. He is a black and white long haired cat with a very fluffy tail. He went missing from Boxmoor and I believe he will be hiding somewhere due to the weather, his nature and the fact he is in unfamiliar waters. Beau has a longer white boot on his back right foot than the rest. He is not wearing a collar, but is neutered and microchipped. 

There has been a possible sighting around St Roses School, Boxmoor, a possible sighting in a garden on Fishery Road, a possible sighting near Chaulden Lane where he was thought to be sitting on a ledge behind a bush and yesterday 2 potential sightings actually on Kingsland Road, the road where he went missing from. 

Beau is a much much loved family pet and we are absolutely heartbroken. We will do anything to bring him back home safely and appreciate everyone’s kindness and efforts. I have been regularly updating Facebook groups with new information relating to Beau and will continue to do so. 

Please contact us if you have any information about Beau.

29/06/2020 - Black Tabby Cat

He started hanging around at the end of February but come the better weather he is here all the time. At first I just left the food out for my own cats (dried) so I thought he would be gone by now but hasn't.


27/07/2018 - Grey Cat - Mendip Way area of Highfield

Description: Found in the Mendip Way area of Highfield, Hemel Hempstead. The cat has been around in the area since the beginning of June. 

Species: Cat

Colour: Grey 

Identichip: not known

Lost Pets

13/05/2022 - MISSING - MEH MEH

Meh Meh

Her name is Meh Meh, shes very approachable. Missing from HP2 Paston Road.


** Stolen Puppies ** PR255AS



We have had two Red Cavapoo Puppies Stolen. They are 8wk old (7th May) We had two professional young males with an Irish accent give us a total sob story and asked for us not to Vaccine or Microchip them because they had a special vet back in Ireland who wanted to do everything. They showed me proof of this on their phone and conversations to show me they were genuine. They paid by a fake Mobile Banking App and showed me the receipt with all my bank details on. They even let me take a photo of their number plate! They were extremely convincing and my worst nightmare came true when they left with these two beautiful babies. My heart sunk - as I realised something was wrong. The money never went into my account which proved I had been scammed. I rang the police and Action Fraud and now working with the Missing Dog Charity - 

Please keep your eye out for a Red Cavapoo Puppy that might not have been vaccined. The girl is quite Dark Red no white. The boy has a White flash on his chest and tiny bit on his chin. Neither of them have got white feet. 

I know it's unlikely we ever find them but I'm going to give it all I've got to get those babies home safe. 

Just please be aware and contact the number on the poster if you have any suspicions. I don't know how we can actually get around this. But please try to help me if you can. 

Lancashire Constabulary - 07771 713257

Dog Lost - 0844 800 3220

Many thanks 



I am searching for my microchipped cat that has been missing from the Boxmoor area of Hemel Hempstead since Saturday 23 April.

Sunny is a male tabby and white, and is two years old. He has white back legs, white front paws, a white face and bib, and a distinctive black blood on his nose.

His Microchip number is 981000012122175.

If you have information about Sunny’s whereabouts, I can be contacted at 01442 252509, 0775 934 1835 or at the followoing email address

Thank you in anticipation of your help

Jennie Saunders



If you have seen Spud please contact Stephen on 07393298753 


Have you seen Millie? Call 0330 9128077

Missing in Hemel Hempstead


Breed - Domestic Short Hair
Gender – Female
Colour/Markings - Black & White
Last seen - Near HP3
Date missing - 19 April 2022
Reference - #50982
More info - Quite distinctive as white bib with black line on face which looks as though she has a moustache. Went missing from home, Belswains Lane near Apsley Lock, first time she has been out in 5 months.

14/4/2022 - Missing British Blue Cat - Ernie

Help Ernie find his home!

Ernie is a large in size, 8 year old British Blue cat. He is generally timid around new people, however is prone to approaching anyone who offers food. He sleeps most of the day so may be in someones house already.

Ernie does not have a collar but is microchipped.

If you see or have any information regarding Ernie the cat, we urge you to contact the clinic on 01442 216048

Thank you for your help.

13/04/2022- LOST CAT - REGRAD


If you have any information, please contact us.

11/4/2022 - Missing Black & White Cat - King


We live at 43 Betjeman Way and adopted two rescue cats last October.  They settled well but now one, King, is missing.  We last saw him late Monday evening.  He is black with white on half his face, chest and his legs/feet.  He had on a green collar with a bell and charm containing his name and our address.  He is wary of people, sometimes hisses at them but he has never scratched or taken a bite.

We would appreciate it if you could please check your garage/sheds in case he went in there exploring and has become trapped.  If you see him, please call 01442 265948 or 07814893690

Thank you      

Linda and Tony Howard

21/03/2022 - STOLEN - COCKAPOO - MAPLE


Maple is a female Cockapoo who was stolen at 3.22pm on Monday 21st March from Hogmoor Lane, Hurst, Reading RG10.  She is microchipped and spayed and is a vulnerable owner's therapy dog.  Maple has skin, ear and stomach issues and was on a course of steroids and antibiotics when she was stolen.  Given these issues and the fact that she was on a special diet, she may be presented to a vet for treatment.  She was last seen being put into a blue or black Saab car by four men and could now be anywhere so our aim is to contact as many vets, dog groomers and dog walkers as possible.


Would you please help us find Maple by displaying this poster and asking any sister branches you may have to do the same and if you would be willing to place the poster on your social media platforms then that would be much appreciated too. 

Thank you for your help.


11/03/2022 - MISSING CAT - HENNA



Sadly, Benny was STOLEN 1 year ago.

He is a handsome light golden Ginger Pomeranian.

He is microchipped and registered as Stolen.

His official name is Benson.

He does have a very distinctive feature when exercising and walking, he will make a noise like a Grunting piglet due to his breathing issue.

Sadly we are aware that he could be anywhere in the country by now. 

Please could you keep an eye and ear out for our precious boy.

We would be so very grateful.

We are just so desperate to find him, we are beyond heart broken.

31/01/2022 - Cat Missing - Biggie (Black with white paws)

Cat Missing - Biggie (Black with white paws)

Cat missing from Grovehill. A large male cat called Biggie, black with white paws. He has a scottish flag on his collar, with our telephone number at the back of the tag. Biggie was last seen on Friday 28th January, it's out of his character to not come home as he is very timid and attached to his home.

If you have any information, please contact us.

08/01/2022 - Cat Missing - Atti (grey & beige with white bib)

Cat Missing since Saturday 8 January - Atti (grey&beige with white bib)

Owner's Name - Teresa

Telephone Number - 07870550487

Email -

Name of Missing Pet - Atti

Species - Cat

Breed - European Short Hair

Sex - Female

Colour - Grey/beige, with white bib below chin

Collar - No

Age - 2

Identichip - Yes

Area last seen (region) - Scatterdells Lane

Distinguishing features - She is blind in her left eye and has a white mark on her right eye

02/12/2021 - Missing Cat - Blue


Grey long coat 

Neutered male sheet

25/11/2021 - Missing Cat - Marty


Owner name: Emma
Telephone: 07575657473
Species: Cat
Breed: Domestic
Sex: Male
Collar: No
Age: 16
Indentichip: Yes
Area last seen: Beechfield Road
Distinguishing features: Left ear has a split from a cat fight many years ago. His ear also is a bit pink He is skinny at the back due to his age.
Any other details: He has a long grey patch which goes down his side of nose

23/11/2021 - Missing Black Cat - Maxwell


Maxwell - a black cat

Breed Domestic Short Hair
Gender Male
Colour/Markings Black
Last seen Near AL3
Date missing 17 November 2021
Reference #46505
Status Missing
More info He's 8/9 years old, medium/large size, short haired, all black aside from a few white hairs on his chest. He doesn't wear a collar. He's quite friendly, and vocal & is quite greedy

Have you seen Maxwell? Call 01904 487 600


14/11/2021 - Missing white cat (blue and green eye) - Marble

Your Name


Your Telephone Number


Your Email

Name of Missing Pet





Mix mutation




All white







Area last seen (region)

Highfield Hemel Hempstead

Does your pet have any distinguishing features

Blue eye and green eye - red colour

Any other details which might help

He's very very friendly.


I’m part of a team searching  for a English Bulldog  called Ronnie, that has been missing / stolen since December 19th 2020, he was 19 weeks old at the time.

He will be 14 months old now, D.O.B 05/08/2020, his registered owner is Nichola Bradley and the last five digits of his chip are -46289

He sustained nerve damage to his neck shortly after birth and as a result walks holding his head to one side. or he did?

He's also blind in one eye.

We would be eternally grateful if you were able  to assist us in our quest to find him.

Missing Dog Ronnie


Cat Missing in Chesham - Have you seen Monty? Call 01904 487 600

Name - Monty 

Breed - Domestic Short Hair

Gender - Male 

Colour/Markings - White with black markings 

Last seen - Near HP5

Date Missing - 25th September 2021

Identichip Reference - #45125

Monty is a very friendly black and white cat and has a distinctive black patch over his left eye. He could be mistaken for a pure white cat from one side. Wary of dogs. He was wearing a yellow collar with a bell and my mobile number written on it.

31/08/2021 - HARRY - TUXEDO CAT

Your Name: Zoe

Name of Missing Pet: Harry

Species: Cat

Breed: Tuxedo Moggy

Sex: Male

Colour: Black with white socks, and chest

Collar: Yes

Age: 18 months

Identichip: Yes

Area last seen (region): Runham Road - Tudor School

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Black cat, white chest, white socks, white whiskers, Medium size, sleek coat, athletic looking

03/05/2021 - MISSING TABBY CAT - Trouble

Last seen on Sat afternoon (1 May). From Leighton Buzzard Road, HP1 3BH. She is microchipped (PETtrac) and neutered.


Name: Iris

Description: Lost tabby cat Adeyfield nr Maylands Avenue

Sex - Female

Colour - Classic tabby - grey/brown with dark brown stripes

Collar - No

Identichip - Yes

Last seen: Whitmores Road

Distinguishing Features - Iris is a small, dainty cat. Her legs are a bit short so she looks a little like the cat version of a dachshund!

Helpful Details - Often goes to Maylands Wood. Most likely to be found near Maylands Wood or wooded areas along Maylands Avenue between Wood Lane End and St. Albans Road.

Contact details: Faith - 07853 143601 -


I am writing because our cat is missing.

Name: Essie

Description: female black cat with white marking under her neck (picture attached)

Last seen: At home in Gadebridge HP1 3EP on Sun 14th March in the evening

Microchipped - Yes

Neutered - Yes

Contact details: Emma 07854 643136

Thank you

25/02/2021 - Stolen Dachshunds

Officers are appealing for information after eight miniature dachshunds (three males and five females) were stolen from a property in Acresford, near Swadlincote on the 10th February 2021 at around 11:10pm. CCTV images showed three people were involved, believed to be driving a white van.

The dogs were in locked secure boarding kennels with security, which was quickly disarmed, padlocks cut off and windows smashed.

Anyone with any information about the whereabouts of the dogs is asked to contact Derbyshire police using any of the below methods, including reference 21*084142:

  • Facebook – send us a private message to /DerbyshireConstabulary
  • Twitter – direct message our contact centre on @DerPolContact
  • Website – complete the online contact form
  • Phone – call us on 101

View our poster with more information here

05/03/21 - STOLEN - Missy & Biscuit

Please are you able to share our poster? Our babies were stolen and we need them home. They are microchipped, so if you could scan any dogs that you think are similar or check if they have a scar where the chip should be in case they are removed. 

Also, we advertised that Biscuit the chocolate Cocker is neutered, but she isn't. We just didn't want it being known by the thieves to take advantage of her. 

We are desperate for their safe return.

Thank you for your help.

15/02/2021 - Missing Dog - Dexter


  Dexter is an adult male labrador retriever, stolen from HP9 area, South East. Please do not chase, call or try to catch. 

  If you see him, or have any information please contact us or call Thames Valley Police. 







08/02/2021 - Missing Dog - Ronnie

Ronnie was stolen from his owner's garden on 19/12/2020.

  • Ronnie does have a microchip which may not have been noticed if he was brought in and microchipped again.
  • Ronnie had head and neck trauma after birth, he was going through various observations and appointments as he may have spinal decompression.
  • Ronnie suffers with neurological issues which affects his balance and his site.
  • When Ronnie walks or tries to run he leans to the right.

If you have any information about Ronnie's whereabouts, please contact us.

18/01/2021 - Missing Cat - Lily

Lily has been missing since Friday evening and was last seen in Gadebridge.

If you see or hear anything about Lily, please contact us.


Missing since 14th January 2021 - please contact 07944 873 645 or 07860 639 757 with any information. 

Thank you

13/01/2021 - Missing Cat - Belle

Belle is quite distinctive and still very tiny for a 5 month old kitten.

Please contact us if you have any information.

11/01/2021 - Missing Cat - Oreo

Oreo is a 3 year old, long haired small cat, mostly black with white patches.

Please contact us if you see or hear anything about Oreo.

23/12/2020 - Missing Dog - Benny

Our pomeranian dog, Benny, was taken from Tring last Thursday (17/12/20).

For more information please visit our Facebook page or read this article.

19/11/2020 - Missing Tabby Cat

Name: Arya
Type: DSH Tabby
Sex: Female (neutered)
Age: 5 ½

Went missing Thursday 19th November from Oldhill Wood, Studham. LU6 2NF
She was wearing a pink collar with bell and nametag capsule.

Please contact Sarah Bristow for any sightings:
07732 880 939 / 07939 119 022

Fawns Keep,
Oldhill Wood


I write to make you aware of my dog, Ivor, who has been missing since 21st October 2020.

Ivor is a male Dobermann, Black and Tan, not docked, not cropped, not neutered and he is microchipped. He is 1 year old.

Ivor went missing in Glasgow, however, he could be anywhere in the UK.

Please could you scan any dog that comes into your practice that fits Ivor’s description. Our family is missing him terribly and we are lost without him. Please can you look out for Ivor coming into your practice but also anywhere else you can.

Please share with friends and colleagues about Ivor so we can increase the chances of getting him home.

Please search on Facebook for his page “where is Ivor now” to gain access to photographs. 

My mobile number is 07772880069

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require any further information.

Many thanks


08/10/2020 - Missing Tabby Cat

Female tabby with ginger on her face and cheek and a white belly. Microchipped.

03/08/2020 - Missing Tortoise - Riley

7 - 8 inch long Horsefield tortoise missing for a few days

15/07/2020 - Missing Cat - Pixie

Your Name: Alicia Colson

Your Telephone Number: 07592350202

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Pixie

Species: DSH

Breed: Moggie

Sex: Female

Colour: Sandy with black stripes

Collar: No

Age: 8 years

Last seen: 15/07/2020

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Very petite cat with smooth coat. Light sandy colour with strong black stripes

Any other details which might help: Shy girl

15/07/20 - Missing Cat - Vinnie

Your Name - Danee Whittaker

Your Telephone Number - 07734 762394​

Your Email -

Name of missing pet - Vinnie

Species - Cat

Breed - Dsh

Sex - Male

Colour - Black with white paw prints

Collar - Yes

Age - 16 Months

Identichip - No

Area last seen (region) - Bennetts End

Does your pet have any distinguishing features - Just pure black very lazy lovely fur

25/04/2020 - MISSING CAT - JINGLES

Your Name - Lisa littlechild

Your Telephone Number - 07745 706774

Your Email -

Name of missing pet - Jingles

Species - Cat

Breed - Tuxedo

Sex - Male

Colour - Black and White

Collar - No

Age - 9 Months

Identichip - No

Area last seen (region) - Hemel Hempstead water house street

Does your pet have any distinguishing features - Black and white male cat, 9 months old

16/04/2020 - MISSING CAT - ARTEMIS

Missing cat from Kings Langley, Herts. Artemis is an indoor cat and has recently been re-homed, so she will not know the area and will be very confused. She is a small female cat (5 years old) and is all black with white flecks through her coat. Artemis has yellow/green eyes and is very timid so best not to approach. She is microchipped.

Please call 07847 393151 if you see her.

27/03/2020 - MISSING CAT - JENSON

Your Name - Gemma Dentith-Jones

Your Telephone Number - 07852453175

Your Email -

Name of missing pet -  Jenson

Species - Cat

Breed - Maincoon and Bengal Cross

Sex - Male

Colour - Brown tabby

Collar - Yes

Age - 18 Months

Identichip - Yes

Area last seen (region) - Last seen in our garden in HP2 4GF

Does your pet have any distinguishing features - He was wearing a collar and has a very quiet meow

Any other details which might help - Reward if found

16/03/2020 - Missing Cat - Tyson

Tyson went missing around Coleridge Crescent about a month ago. He's a fluffy tabby cat but some of his whiskers are shorter than others.

He's 2 years old, nearly 3 and he has not been chipped or neutered. 

If anyone has seen him, please can they contact Shannon Odwell. Her email address is

03/03/2020 - Male Tabby Cat - Cheyenne

Name of missing pet: Chloe

Your Name: Julie Nicholson

Your Telephone Number: 07511204055

Your Email:

Species: Cat

Breed: Savannah

Sex: Male

Colour: Brown typical tabby

Collar: No

Age: 4 years

Identichip: Yes

Area last seen (region): HP2 5DS

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: He is loud

14/02/2020 - Missing Cat - Rolo


Name of Missing Pet: Rolo
Species: Cat
Sex: Male
Colour: Black and White
Distinguishing characteristics: he has a blue reflective collar on with a blue bell he’s not neutered or chipped as normally a house cat.
Area last seen (region): Jupiter Drive, Hemel Hempstead

My Contact details:

Name: Jenna
Contact: 07480474309

13/02/2020 - Missing Cat - Woody

Name of Missing Pet: Woody
Species: Cat
Sex: Male
Colour: Tabby
Age: 6-7months but is big for age 
Identichip: No, due to be
Area last seen (region): Sawyers Way Adeyfield , Hemel Hempstead 

My Contact details:

Name: Jade
Contact: 07729 739457 

11/02/2020 - Missing Cat - Cici

Name of Missing Pet: Cici
Species: Cat
Breed: Moggy
Sex: Female
Colour: Black & white
Collar: Yes
Age: 7 years
Identichip: No
Area last seen (region): Warnersend
Does your pet have any distinguishing features? Small bald patches on back of ears Was wearing a reflective collar. 

10/02/2020 - Missing Cat - Junior

Your Name: Natasha 
Your Telephone Number: 07957257967
Your Email:
Name of Missing Pet: Junior
Species: Cat
Breed: Mixed moggy
Sex: Male
Colour: Grey and white 
Collar: No
Age: 5
Identichip: Yes
Area last seen (region): Ritcroft close Hemel Hempstead 
Does your pet have any distinguishing features: He has a mark in his nose

07/02/2020 - Missing Rabbit

Went missing two days ago. From highfield in Hemel Hempstead. 

Please contact Sheryl at 07772 162840

Alternative contact number is for Partner Alex at 07725 065522

31/01/2020 - Missing Cat - Female - Tabby - Chloe

Name of missing pet: Chloe

Your Name: Holly Jones

Your Telephone Number: 07939264702​

Your Email:

Species: Cat

Breed: Tabby

Sex: Female

Colour: Brown & Black Tabby

Collar: No

Age: 6 years

Identichip: No

Area last seen (region): Northlaw Close

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: She's very small for her age

23/01/2020 - Spot - Missing Cat

Spot went missing from the Fields End area of Hemel. 

02/01/2020 - Missing Cat - Male - Black - Winston

Name of missing pet: Winston

Your Name: Shamim Osman

Your Telephone Number: 07429170048

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Winston

Species: Cat

Breed: Short hair

Sex: Male

Colour: Black

Collar: No

Age: 9 years

Identichip: Yes

Area last seen (region): Bennets End Hemel Hempstead

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: None

06/08/2019 - Missing Cat - Male - Silver Tabby - Boo Boo

Boo Boo has been missing from Wood End close since Sunday evening 4th August. I cannot stress enough how unusual it is for him to stay out for this long – he has only ever stayed out overnight once before in 9 years (his age).

Boo Boo is a very pretty silver tabby – silver and black stripes all over – male, who weighs 4.0kg, so he is fairly long and slender, with quite a long tail. He has no collar because he takes them off.

I have seen Boo Boo jump fences or crawl underneath to visit nearby gardens, so i am hoping that you have seen him in yours – please check your sheds and garages.

Boo Boo is very vocal, so if you talk to him, it is likely that he will respond, particularly if he is feeling nervous about the situation.

Please get in contact for any sightings since Sunday evening..

Please call on 01442 214160 (evening) or 01442 292870 (daytime).

The house is unbareably quiet without him.

Many thanks in advance.

27/07/2019 - Missing Black and white neutered male cat

Your Name: Lisa Littlechild

Your Telephone Number: 07810406200

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Patches

Species: Cat

Breed: Tuxedo (black and white)

Sex: male

Colour: Black and white

Collar: no

Age: 2 years and 6 months

Identichip: no

Area last seen (region): Grove hill

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Black splodge on chin

Any other details which might help: He has kind of a heart shape on he's side , he has a little black diamondish shape on he's head in the middle of a white patch he is neutered haa black on he's ears and a black patch on he's chin 

08/07/2019 - BLACK CAT MISSING

Your Name: Kim Jones

Your Telephone Number: 07846280207

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Coco

Species: Cat

Breed: Moggy

Sex: Male

Colour: Black

Collar: No

Age: 13

Identichip: Yes

Area last seen (region): Grovehill

Distinguishing Features: He has a tiny bald patch above his left eye

01/07/2019 - MISSING CAT

Your Name: Becca

Your Telephone Number: 07519400257

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Unknown

Species: Cat

Breed: Unknown

Sex: Female

Colour: Grey and white

Collar: Yes

Age: 15

Identichip: No

Area last seen (region): Damask Green, Chaulden

Distinguishing Features: No

27/04/2019 - MISSING CAT 'LEO'

Your Name: Claire Banbury

Your Telephone Number: 07904045508

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Leo

Species: Domestic cat

Breed: Magpie cat

Sex: Male

Colour: White with patches of browns and black line

Collar: No

Age: 2

Identichip: Yes

Area last seen (region): Swallow fields

Distinguishing Features: Multi-tonal patches. All white legs and paws

25/04/2019 - MISSING CAT 'FELIX'

Your Name: Liv

Your Telephone Number: 07429947427

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Felix

Species: Cat

Breed: Unknown

Sex: Male

Colour: White with grey spots

Collar: No

Age: 1

Identichip: No

Area last seen (region): HP41QR

Distinguishing Features: Green eye pink noes

25/04/2019 - Missing Male Cat 'Ozzie'

Your Name: Nicola Henry

Your Telephone Number: 07717314803

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Ozzie

Species: Cat

Breed: Domestic Long Haired

Sex: Male

Colour: Black

Collar: No

Age: 6

Identichip: Yes

Distinguishing Features: Completely black. Quite small for a male cat. Friendly but reserved. He's nosey and adventurous so might have got stuck somewhere.

28/03/2019 - Missing Male Cat 'Boots'

Your Name: Mandy Ackerman

Name of Missing Pet: Boots

Species: Short haired domestic

Breed: Tabby

Sex: Male

Colour: Black and white. Black nose

Collar: No

Age: 5

Identichip: Yes

Area last seen (region): Highbury Quadrant communial gardens london N5

Does your pet have any distinguishing features?: Top face black bottom half white. Black nose triangular shape around in white. All black top body and tail. White neck and belly white paws

Any other details which might help: He has never wandered. He is a neutured and am very concerned over his disapearence.

21/03/2019 - Missing male tabby

Your Name: Kate Cook

Your Address: 43 Maynard Road Hemel Hempstead

Your Telephone Number: 07399404805

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Milo

Species: Cat

Breed: Tabby with white paws

Sex: male

Colour: Tabby

Collar: no

Age: 2

Identichip: no

Area last seen (region): Maynard Road that leads to park lane behind travel

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Quite a bushy tail. Lips are two tone pink one side and black the other. One food has a larger white sock (back leg)

Any other details which might help: Last seen March 15th

01/02/2019 - Milo - Missing Cat

Title of missing pet ad: Missing Tabby Cat

Your Name: Kate Cook

Your Telephone Number: 07399404805

Name of Missing Pet: Milo

Species: Cat

Sex: male

Colour: Butterfly tabby with white bib and white socks

Collar: no

Age: 2 yrs

Identichip: no

Area last seen (region): Grovehill

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Maynard Road by hospital entrance gate

11/01/2019 - Shadow - Missing Cat

Title of missing pet ad: Missing White Cat

Your Name: Tammy Brock

Your Telephone Number: 07822333607

Name of Missing Pet: Shadow

Species: Mixed

Breed: Unsure

Sex: male

Colour: White with black stripe

Collar: no

Age: 6 1/2 yrs

Identichip: yes

Area last seen (region): Grovehill

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: He's white with a black stripe down his back

Any other details which might help: He's a large cat

01/12/2018 - Jeff - Missing Cat

Your Name: Sarah Lovejoy

Your Telephone Number: 07775753342

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Jeff

Species: Cat

Breed: Short hair

Sex: male

Colour: Black with a few white hairs on his chest

Collar: no

Age: 4

Identichip: yes

Area last seen (region): Boxmoor on sunday 25th november

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Can't miaow - can only squeak quietly - few white hairs on his chest

Any other details which might help: Likes to roam. Jeff is often seen on blackbirds moor and by the canal but could be anywhere in the Boxmoor area

12/11/2018 - Missing Cat


Your Telephone Number: 07908304423

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: TARZAN

Species: CAT

Breed: DSH

Sex: male

Colour: BLACK

Collar: yes

Age: 6 YEARS

Identichip: yes

Area last seen (region): HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, CEMETERY HILL

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: HE IS BLACK WITH GREEN EYES AND WEARS A LIGHT BLUE COLAR


11/11/2018 - Missing Cat

Your Name: Romanie

Your Telephone Number: 07531742063

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Bella

Species: CAT

Sex: Female

Colour: BLACK

Collar: No

Age: 1

Identichip: No

Area last seen (region): Adeyfield

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: On her chest / below her head is a really small faint grey patch.

14/10/2018 - Missing Cat

Your Name: Fran Swaby

Name of Missing Pet: Alfie

Species: grey white domestic cat

Breed: grey white fluffy

Sex: male

Colour: grey white

Collar: no

Age: 10

Identichip: yes

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Wonky tail and wonky mouth

06/10/2018 - Missing Cat

Your Name: Patricia Fox

Your Telephone Number: 01442250157

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Louis

Species: Cat

Breed: Bengal

Sex: male

Colour: Tabby grey

Collar: no

Age: 4

Identichip: yes

Area last seen (region): Adeyfield Hemel Hempstead

05/10/2018 - Missing Cat

Blue Abyssinian cat missing since 1 Oct

Your Name: Charlotte

Your Telephone Number: 07808 880586

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Olive

Species: Cat

Breed: Abyssinian

Sex: female

Colour: Blue (grey/BEIGE)

Collar: no

Age: 1 year

Identichip: yes

Area last seen (region): Hemel Hempstead

05/10/2018 - Missing Cat

Olive - Missing Abyssinian female cat - Box Lane area

Your Name: Jeanette Benton

Your Address: 9 Hawkshill Drive

Your Telephone Number: 07808 880586

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Olive

Species: cat

Breed: Abyssinian

Sex: female

Colour: brown with beige belly

Collar: no

Age: 1 year

Identichip: yes

Area last seen (region): Hawkshill Drive near Box Lane, Hemel Hempstead

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Amber eyes

Any other details which might help: Brown/grey with beige belly and beige front legs

22/09/2018 - Missing Cat

Your Name: Rayne Remy

Your Telephone Number: 07963902547

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Lewis

Species: Cat

Breed: Tabby

Sex: Male

Colour: Brown grey and white

Collar: No

Age: Unknown but not youn

Identichip: No

Area last seen (region): Dellcut Road, top of Queensway in Hemel Hempstead

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Tabby cat but with white chest and paws, missing a few teeth. Very friendly.

14/09/2018 - Missing Cat

Your Name: Susan Bryant

Your Telephone Number: : 01442 241371

Name of Missing Pet: Dweeb

Species: Cat

Sex: Male

Colour: White/ Tabby

Collar: yes

Age: 7

Identichip: no

Area last seen (region): Grovehill

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Has recently moved house

31/08/2018 - Missing Cat

Your Name: Jeanette

Your Telephone Number: 07808 880586

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Olive

Species: Cat

Breed: Abyssinian

Sex: female

Colour: Brown/Beige 

Collar: no

Age: 1

Identichip: yes

Area last seen (region): Box Lane area of Hemel

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Brown eyes

05/08/2018 - Missing Cat

Your Name: Georgia

Your Telephone Number: 07903965070

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Florrie

Species: Cat

Breed: N/A

Sex: female

Colour: Grey and white 

Collar: no

Age: 3

Identichip: yes

Area last seen (region): Chaulden Hemel 

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: She has long fur, is fairly small and soft

01/08/2018 - Missing ginger & white male cat

Your Name: Natasha Johnson

Your Telephone Number: 07445 090080

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Seby

Species: Cat

Breed: shorthair

Sex: male

Colour: Ginger and white

Collar: no

Age: 1 year

Identichip: no

Area last seen (region): Behind house of Elliot in the old town

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Beautiful eyes and a young sounding cry. Extremely affectionate.

18/07/2018 - Dudley is Missing

Title of missing pet ad: Missing Ginger cat

Name of Missing Pet: Dudley

Species: ginger tom

Breed: moggy

Sex: male

Colour: Ginger

Collar: yes

Age: 3

Identichip: yes

Area last seen (region): Lower Adeyfield rd, Hemel 7am on Mon 17th July

03/07/2018 - Gracie is Missing

Title of missing pet ad: Lost chihuahua

Your Name: Natasha Drewell

Your Telephone Number: 07957257967

Your Email:

Name of Missing Pet: Gracie

Species: Dog

Breed: Pomeranian

Sex: female

Colour: Peach

Collar: no

Age: 18 months

Identichip: yes

23/02/2018 - Bramble - Missing cat

Title of missing pet ad: Fluffy black Male cat

Your Name: Sahra

Your Telephone Number: 07702064895

Name of Missing Pet: Bramble

Species: Cat

Breed: Fluffy black

Sex: male

Colour: Black

Collar: no

Age: 3 years

Identichip: no

Area last seen (region): Chaulden , hemel Hempstead

Does your pet have any distinguishing features: Slight limp occasionally on one front paw

23/12/2017 - Little boots - black & white cat missing from Sebright Rd, HH

My name: Becky
My telephone number: 07944295104
My e-mail:
Name of missing pet: Little boots
Species: Cat
Breed: Tuxedo
Sex: Male
Colour: Black and white
Collar: No
Age: 5 think
Identichip: No
Area last seen: (region) Boxmoor
Does your pet have any distinguishing features:
White paws and belly. Quite long. Black mostly.
Any other details which might help:
Quite nervy new people especially men.

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