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Paying tributes to much loved family members

Please accept our sympathy if you have lost a much loved pet, send us an email remembering to attach a jpeg image of your pet, and we will post your personal tribute along with your pet's photo here on our website in our Bereavement section. This service is especially for Barton Lodge Veterinary Centre clients. We have paid special tributes to our own dear pets here too.



In memory of my beautiful sassy little romanian rescue, she lost her fight on christmas day she had endured so much living on the streets of romania but luckily we found her and she came to live with us.All she wanted was a bed and warm blanket and someone to love her, in return she gave us so much love and happy memories fly high little one my heart is broken xx



HECTOR ❤️❤️❤️

12 years with you have been a blessing, you were one of the funniest dogs ever, we all miss you so much and we all love you and hope you have reunited with dear lily bear, so rest in peace my sweet old boy xxxx


dylan -goodbye letter


Tyler was one of the most beautiful and perfect dog anyone could ever have wanted.

He loved everyone and loved his walks with his best doggie friend Bella.

Tyler had the most amazing life and he loved his human friends so much especially the grandchildren.

We knew we had to do the right thing and say goodbye but it was the hardest decision ever for us but we did the right thing.

Rest in peace Tyler over the rainbow 🌈 to doggie heaven

We love you and will always remember you xx


Molly Simmons

Little Bear Molly




Thank you so much for all you done for us this morning, it was really appreciated at this really tough time. We have spent all this morning looking through over 2000 pictures of our Little Bear Molly with lots of tears.

Happy memories. 


To all at Barton Lodge

Thank you for your kind words on the loss of our beloved Ivy. She was a true and loving friend, and will be deeply missed by us all.


With her bright smile, always ready to play, or sit with you for a cuddle.
You could only smile and laugh as she ran around the park with her friends.


Our little bear has left us with such happy memories, and we feel so privileged to have known her.

God has called one of his angels back to heaven.

Thank you to everyone at Barton Lodge for looking after her when she became unwell, and allowing us to have some extra time with her.

Princess Minxy Cherry Pie

Our little rescue Princess who we loved for 7 years ...our precious girl who filled our lives with inspiration and looked after her blind brother...May you be with Dickie Baldrick once again to catch mice and and enjoy a better garden than ours.. with love Minxy Cherry 🍒 we miss you and we will meet again xxx


We were so lucky to be the owners of our Daxie, a rescue dog who lived with us for just over 10 years.  At 10 months old we brought her home, and had an amaizing life with her. She was always so pleased to see us and anyone of our friends and family. She was always enthusiastic for her daily walk and generally the greatest of fun to have around.  She never, ever snapped or snarled and was quite amusing with how she played with other dogs. 

 We miss her sorely still after just 6 weeks. But we are able to remember very many fun times with her now, and are indeed thankful to her for keeping us exercised on a daily basis.  She loved the outdoors of course, especially water, and when we were away in our motorhome. 'Her garden'  was her best place to be.

We thank Barton lodge for all of their help, advise and treatments over the years, and latterly in preparing us for the inevitable end following the diagnosis we were given.  All the staff are so caring, and surely must remember her as one of the few dogs who LOVED going to the vets...and was so excited to see them all if only for the treats they gave her. In addition we need to thank the out of hours vet service who saw us through the final hour.  The vet was so kind and  made the inevitable as smooth as anyone could wish.

Daxie ... we miss you so much, but always manage to find you again in our hearts.


Dear Vets,

It's taken me two years to write this, as I'm grieving for the loss if my Hamish who is well known and remembered by you all. Thank you for looking after us both over the years. It's very hard for owners who would move mountains if they could for their beloved pet.

Hamish was born in October 1998 and passed 2019.

He was very human in many ways, escorting visitirs to their cars, letting me know he would like to visit the neighbours who adored him. I fell in love with Hamish as a little kitten, and through the decades I kept my promise to care for him, and love him. One of the family. I couldn't have loved him anymore than I did, and always will. My family and I saw Hamish on my windowsill a few days after he passed, and am lucky to have a picture if him so strong our bond. He will always be with me. 

A very special boy, I am so thankful to call my own, and grace my life...the wise, bossy, loving Hamish, who has left a great void in my life but not my heart.



In memory of our beautiful girl Mica a shy girl from Romania lived in a cage for the first part of her life never really knew how old she was.She gave us so much love our other dog taught her how to play with toys as she had no idea all she wanted to do was wash you.Missing you my darling Mica free from pain now xx



This is how we remember Gilbert who came to live with us 7 years ago from the Dogstrust.

He gave us lots of joy and was always seen with a ball, or 2 in his mouth.

We will really miss him.

Jackie and Alan


Teddy has been a much loved member of both my wife and I as well as our Daughter. He has lived with both for half his life, in each case in two separate periods. To start with he lived with two other Griffon and a large Jack Russel cross. For the last 5 years he has been on his own with my wife and I.

He loved going for walks, especially if he could paddle in the river (although I have never seen him swim!). Very few people we met could identify his breed even though he was a good example and received a Highly Commended certificate at Crufts as a Novice.

He spent most of his time looking out of the window (and barking) at passers by. He showed no sign of wanting to wander off.

We miss him waiting at the window for us to come home and then rushing to the door to welcome us. We still expect to see him on his bed by the radiator when we come down in the morning.

Leeroy - 4/11/20

Our tribute to Leeroy

Around 2006/7 to 4/11/20 

Leeroy came to us after being abandoned. A friend of mine invited me around and I ended up with a springer spaniel. Leeroy quickly established himself in our family and in our hearts. He was our "surrogate" child for so long and adapted quickly when our son came along. Leeroy climbed two mountains, ran along many beaches, chased many birds (brought back some of them!), ran through the trees and sprang over everything he could. He was also known by many ice-cream vans, as he would patiently sit outside one awaiting his treat and made children laugh when he would down it fast and carry on with his walk. In his later years he would allow children to stroke him (by this point he became a lot slower) and often seek out someone who would give him a cuddle and fuss, while he got his energy up for his next run. I have many memories and stories of him. We went through so much together. Now there is an empty space on the sofa and empty hole under my bed. He might have been someone's rubbish but he was our treasure. We all miss him. 

SOX 02/03/2020

You were a large part of our lives for almost 16 years, and you’ve left such a massive hole in our hearts - I literally don’t think I’ve cried so much in my life.  You had such a big personality, and there are so many stories that during these difficult and sad time we’ve been able to recollect - so many adventures you had.  You were an amazing hunter, and a cheeky bundle of ginger fur that made many people love and adore you - falling through the neighbours pergola whilst stalking a pigeon, and landing on our neighbours head was such a Sox classic.  

It was the hardest decision to let you go, but knowing that you’re pain free, and able to run over the rainbow bridge in the sky chasing mice, makes it just that little bit easier.  We miss you so very much.  Sweet dreams, and RIP our gorgeous Sox.

Kerry, Terry, Joshua & Sophia



ARCHIE 27/02/2020

We had 17 years with Archie. We will miss him so much.

Jack 8/12/2018

Dear Jack,

You have been the best of cats and enjoyed such a long and adventurous life. From your epic journeys into the fields and along the railway line, to finding yourself a second home with our neighbour, you have nevertheless always returned to enjoy your favourite tuna, a bowl of Sheba and have a good rest. We will miss you terribly dear old gentleman. Truly Jack you have been the King of Cats. Rest in peace dear friend. 

We will always love you.

Lucy and Jasmine xxx


Fernando 27/7/2018

Dear Fernando, 

You were not always the easiest cat to live with. You frightened many visitors and were fierce, guarding the stairs with your claws and warning yowls. You came to us with quite a story and it took many years for you to feel safe again. However, we always loved you and you became a gentle, funny character in later years, enjoying a saucer of milk, your favourite butter and a good bowl of Felix. We will miss your funny ways greatly. Be at peace dear Fernando, may the stars shine brightly with you always. 

With much love, 

Lucy and Jasmine xxx


Bailey O’Brien 1/3/2018

Saying goodbye to our precious dog Bailey was the hardest thing.

For almost 14 years he held a special place in our hearts and our home. From the day we picked him from a litter of six puppies to his last days spent with us.

A dog with ‘attitude’ but a real softy.

A huge thank you to all at Barton Lodge, especially Sonja, who cared so beautifully for our little man on his numerous visits.

RIP Sweet Pea

The O’Brien family

Pixie 14/2/2018

Our Darling Little Girl

We fell in love with you the day you were walked up our garden path and became part of our family back in 2010.

You were so very loved by everyone who knew you. We think of you every day and you'll remain in our heart's forever.

We'd like to thank Barton Lodge who cared for her especially Sarah who treated Pixie and us with the greatest respect when we knew it was time to say goodbye to our "beautiful old lady".

You're with Missy now, so RIP the both of you.

The Freeman family

Narnia Mayling 19/1/2018

Re-united with Caspian

We are all Heartbroken to lose you, such a beautiful cat with lots of character.

You leave behind a gap in our hearts, which will stay empty until we meet again.

We will love and deeply miss you forever.

Mummy and India


Caspian Mayling 8/1/2018

You filled our hearts with love and joy.

The memories that you leave will be in our hearts forever.

We will always love you.

Til we meet again – Mummy, Narnia & India  x x x

Milly Allison 1/12/2017

Our sweet little Millie Dog (Moo). You came to us as a timid, frightened little dog and grew into the most loving, loyal, funny part of the family. Our hearts ache that we had to let you go. RIP little one x

Jenny Allison

Thumper 1/11/2017

Absolutely heartbroken to lose my little Thumper. It was such a hard decision to make but I know it was for the best on his behalf. I want to say a big thank you to the team at Barton Lodge for everything they have done for Thumper over the years. He lived a very happy life, he was very well loved and he will be missed so much. 11 and a half years old is an incredible age but it was still so hard to say goodbye. I will always love you Thumper, sweet dreams my lil baby boy.

Becca xxx

Fritz "Ratfink" Marr 13/10/2017

Farewell to our little man. We are so sorry to lose him but knew he was in pain. There's a very big Fritz-shaped hole in our house now, it's astonishing how much they're missed when you don't think you're noticing them all that much. It is as if they are part of the furniture. We will always remember his kind, loving nature, his purring and his warm soft cuddles. R.I.P. mate!

Keith Marr

Rambo Davidson 2/9/2017

Rambo was our much loved and now sadly missed Patterdale Terrier. He may have been the last of the litter at 8 weeks old to be found a home in November 2000, but he lived for exactly 17 years in the one he waited for. We remember when the call of the wild was too much for you on a walk in Ashridge Woods, and you went missing for 2 hours, but had the sense to follow another family back to the car park for us to find you again. You stole our hearts, you little rascal! We hope you loved living with us as much as we loved looking after you. Thank you Barton Lodge for keeping him fit and well and able to live so long.

The Davidson Family

Ronnie Dragisic 8/11/2016

Dear Barton Lodge, Thank you so much for your lovely and thoughtful card following the sudden death of our dear dog Ronnie on November 8th. I was rushing back to get to you and my 17-year-old son Lewis was with Ronnie as he died. You supported him so well and he now is pleased that he was with him at the end. It has been a very strange 3 weeks getting used to not having Ronnie here. We are missing him so much. We rescued him via The Dogs Trust and it would have been 10 years exactly on 11th November since we brought him home. He has been a wonderful companion and such a character. He wanted to be a lap dog but was just a bit too big.

Clare, Mike and Lewis Dragisic