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Check out the range of services available at Barton Lodge

Welcome Pack

If you are a prospective client, you can request one of our free welcome packs which will give you essential and useful information regarding services provided at Barton Lodge Veterinary Centre. You can request a pack online and we will post it out to you, just provide your address or please collect one on your visit to Barton Lodge. Many regular clients have also found the information pack very useful.

Night Service

The on-site emergency service, run by Vets Now Hemel Hempstead is available here from 7:00pm to 8:00am and at weekends plus all public holidays. The number to call is 01442 768484. You should always telephone first to alert the Vets Now staff to your pet's emergency. Vets Now are always right here at Barton Lodge Veterinary Centre, in Hemel Hempstead which is central and easily reached from Tring, Berkhamsted, Bovingdon, Kings Langley or Watford. You can always speak directly to an experienced member of Vets Now staff and, to be seen, you will never have to drive anywhere else. Please note that it is always more effective to bring your pet to the surgery for urgent attention. Full emergencency facilities are only available on-site in the surgery. Although a request for a visit will be considered, there may be times when this is not feasable. Please remember always to telephone Vets Now first on 01442 768484 in advance of your arrival at the surgery to alert the emergency staff to the nature of the emergency.

Text Reminders

Recently we have upgraded our appointment system so that clients can receive a text reminder to their mobile phone in advance of their appointment. Many clients have commented on how helpful this service is. Of course if you prefer not to receive a text we will respect that and can send an alternative reminder to you instead if requested. We have now extended our text reminder and email reminder service to include vaccination reminders, prescription reminders, flea and worm treatment reminders and other useful recalls. Please let Reception know if you are interested in receiving these services and of course make sure you provide us with your current mobile phone number.

Puppy Parties

Held at the practice, these evening courses are run by our senior nurse team. These are for owners of puppies vaccinated at Barton Lodge. They are very popular and a fantastic way for a group of young healthy puppies to socialise together whilst their owners receive expert advice on puppy healthcare, feeding, behaviour and training tips from our experienced nurse team. To see some of our puppy party photos go to our Facebook page. If you are having your puppy vaccinated at Barton Lodge please enquire about the next available course. Members of our Pet Health Club get priority booking for the puppy parties. Please ask at reception.

Consulting Rooms

Our consulting rooms are air-conditioned for the comfort of our clients, patients and staff. Medical records are all computerised so we have immediate access to information about your pet. Routine consultations are by appointment. First appointments are allocated a 15 minute slot to allow a thorough clinical examination. We will often check your pet's weight because changes in weight are a very significant clinical sign. When you and we are very concerned about your pet's symptoms you will be offered further diagnostic tests, either immediately or at an appointment in the near future. Estimates for any proposed tests will be provided. Medical and veterinary practice have both moved with the times. There are now protocols within the NHS for a prompt, early diagnosis for patients, involving faster testing to make treatment more effective and the outcome better for the patient. We are equally keen to achieve a good outcome for your pet.

Prep/Treatment Room

This is the main treatment area for all patients that are admitted to the practice. Blood tests and any pre-operative preparation for surgery is carried out here as well as medications given to hospitalised patients.

X-ray Room

Radiography takes place in the x-ray room. We have a digital automatic processor to provide us with very high quality x-ray images to diagnose your pet's problem.

Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasound scanning is a painless, non-invasive procedure and we often perform it on conscious pets or sometimes with mild sedation to help the patient to relax. Our ultrasound scanner gives us high quality images to allow a non-invasive medical diagnosis of the condition to be made.

Operating Theatre

Major operations are carried out here in sterile conditions. Patients are carefully monitored by a nurse at all times whilst surgical procedures are performed. Rapid acting anaesthetics, modern equipment and electronic monitoring all enhance patient safety and speed recovery from the anaesthesia.

Separate Dog and Cat Wards

One of the features of the recent refurbishment of the practice was to allow enough space to create separate dog and cat wards for hospitalised patients. Now dogs have their own air-conditioned and heated kennels which give them space and comfort.

Cats have a separate ward to themselves, well away from the dog ward. So now they can relax and be calm and less stressed. The ward is quiet, air-conditioned and heated to keep them in optimal comfort whilst hospitalised with us. Every cat has a warm, comfy bed, a litter tray and individual food and water bowls. We know sometimes a poorly cat can be fussy with food so we are ready to prepare something appropriate to tempt the taste buds if needed. Some owners like to bring in a little bit of what their cat fancies from home in order to encourage an appetite. The staff are very good at providing a fuss for their patients and a gentle grooming if needed.


Having our own laboratory to process blood samples and examine tissue samples allows us to get results quickly and minimises the waiting time for a diagnosis. Most results from our laboratory are available the same day. Patients undergoing surgery will have their 'pre-operative blood tests' analysed the same morning prior to their operation. Skin and ear samples are examined under the microscope for the presence of bacteria, fungal or parasite infections so that we can quickly start the correct treatment. For samples that need to be sent to a specialist we now have an overnight courier service that guarantees they get to the specialist laboratory by the next morning and are processed immediately. We will receive many of those important results during that same day.


Here we keep supplies of a wide range of medications and health and nutrition products for pets. If you know you will be needing some supplies it is very helpful if you can let us know at least 48 hours in advance so that we can be certain to have all the products put ready in advance for your convenience and collection.

Veterinary Ambulance

We have a dedicated ambulance to carry out home visits or collections of pets from home. We always send 2 members of staff out on a home visit because this allows us to provide a better service for your pet. Please remember though that this involves extra costs which we have to pass on to the client to support provision of this service. It is not always possible to provide a visit at short notice due to other patient needs at the surgery. Late mornings are the easiest time. To help us fulfill your request, please give as much notice as possible. Many veterinary treatments are provided in a more efficient and safer way at the veterinary surgery. It may be much better for your pet to be driven straight to the surgery for treatment.

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