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Nomination for Pet Plan Practice of the Year 2017

Barton Lodge has been nominated for this award by our loyal and satisfied clients who have generously voted for us.

Roger and Cathy Wickenden with some of the friendly pet-loving staff at Barton Lodge and some of their pets!

Winners of the BestUKVets Award 2013

Barton Lodge Veterinary Centre are proud winners of this award. Click on the VetHelpDirect button on the Home page to see all 76 of the 5 star testimonials from our happy and satisfied clients that won us this award.

Awarded a Gold Star for Excellence in Customer Care

Our Free Car Park

Our large free car park is easily accessible adjacent to the practice and also provides disabled parking and access. The entrance and exit are both onto Midland Road so you will Find Us easily.


Our experienced team of staff with well qualified vets and nurses are ready and looking forward to caring for your pets. The approach to the building from the car park is wide and easily accessible with no steps. You will find the entrance on Midland Road to our distinctive red brick building easily, as it is well signed and well lit at night.

Waiting Room

Sign in at reception, where we will keep your wait to see the vet of your choice to the minimum. First appointments are always scheduled to be 15 minutes long, allowing us to thoroughly assess your pet. In the waiting room we have display stands with a range of pet care products and accessories. There is an overhead screen displaying our Pet Information Channel which provides pet healthcare advice and further information about our services . There is a notice board displaying the range of prices for routine examinations, vaccinations, routine neutering procedures and some frequently used prescription drugs. Our waiting room, like the rest of the building, is air-conditioned for the comfort of pets and clients.

Consulting Room

Our consulting rooms are all air-conditioned and provide a quiet comfortable environment for your pet's examination. First examinations are always scheduled to be 15 minutes, allowing us to get to know and thoroughly assess your pet. Our records are all computerised and we record every important detail of your pet. There are weighing scales both set in the floor and also on the table so the weight of every pet from a Great Dane down to a hamster size can be accurately recorded. You will notice that we regularly take and record your pets weight because important information regarding their health can be gained by monitoring this.

Prep/Treatment Room

This is the main treatment area for all patients that are admitted to the practice. Blood tests and any pre-operative preparation for surgery is carried out here as well as medications given to hospitalised patients. This little dog is having an intra-venous drip line placed.

Operating Theatre

Major operations are carried out here in sterile conditions. Patients are carefully monitored by a nurse at all times whilst surgical procedures are performed. Rapid acting anaesthetics, modern equipment and the latest electronic monitoring methods all enhance patient safety and speed recovery from the anaesthesia.

Xray Room

We have a digital automatic processor to provide us with very high quality xray images to diagnose your pet's problem. This is an digital xray of a cats abdomen showing very clear images of the internal organs.

Dog Ward

One of the features of the recent refurbishment of the practice was to allow enough space to create separate dog and cat wards for hospitalised patients. Dogs have their own air-conditioned and heated kennels which give them space and comfort. They are monitored whilst they recover fully from their operations under the close eye of a kind, dedicated and experienced veterinary nurse who will also administer any treatments and look after their nutritional requirements.

Cat Ward

Cats now have a separate ward to themselves away from the Dog ward. So now they can relax and be calm and less stressed. The ward is air-conditioned and heated to keep them in optimal comfort whilst hospitalised with us. Cats are closely monitored by our fully trained experienced nurses, at all times during their stay, either during medical or surgical treatment. They administer all cats' treatments and are attentive to their nutritional requirements. Our nurses are experienced in tempting a poorly cat to eat and know that sometimes, if your cat has a picky appetite, a cuddle and some home cooking often works best.


Having our own laboratory to process blood samples and examine tissue samples allows us to get results quickly and minimises the waiting time for a diagnosis. Most results from our own laboratory are available the same day. Patients undergoing surgery will have their 'pre-operative blood tests' analysed the same morning prior to their operation. Skin and ear samples are examined under the microscope for the presence of bacteria, fungal or parasite infections so that we can quickly start the correct treatment. For samples that need to be sent to a specialist we now have an overnight courier service that guarantees they get to the specialist laboratory by the next morning and are processed immediately. We will receive many of those important results during that same day.


We stock a variety of pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements for your pet's health and well being. If you know you are going to need a repeat supply it is very helpful if you can give us 24-48 hours notice. We can then assure the products are in-stock and waiting for your collection.

Puppy Party courses are held weekly

Puppies who are registered with us get to socialise and learn good behaviour whilst their owners are learning training tips and puppy health care from our Senior Nurse team. They are very popular and we give priority attendance to puppies on our Pet Health Plan. You can always see the latest cute puppy party photos on our Facebook page

Office and Administration

Working away, usually behind the scenes, in the upstairs office are our Practice Administration Team. Caroline Whiddett VN VPAC, pictured here, is assisted by Hester Small VN. All accounts, administration matters relating to our Pet Health Plan and direct Pet Insurance claims are dealt with by Caroline and her team. Before they moved into office administration, both Caroline and Hester originally trained as veterinary nurses so they fully understand clinical matters and details. The whole team ensure good customer care and that our clients receive important information from the practice such as our new client information packs, our Pet Health Plan, reminders about vaccinations or repeat prescriptions. They keep our office running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you do have a query on any of these matters you can telephone the office on 01442 216048 and ask for Caroline or Hester.

Carry to your car

For your convenience we will help you to collect bulky bags of pet food from our rear delivery entrance which opens into the car park.
“ Very good. Cat returned home very happy! ”

New Client 25.1.2012